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Fun Date Night Ideas and activities Salsa Bachata Lesson and classes, hidden speakeasy bars and cocktails, date night events and things to do in your favorite city 2023 Los Angeles California best event planning couples team building corporate socal Las Vegas Nevada Casino


Fun Date Idea is started by Avissh and Victoria. After owning multiple dance companies and Cafes in different countries, Avissh and Victoria Fell in Love with Designing unique experiences and fun activities for couples and singles alike. 

All the experiences and activities featured here are some of the highest rated activities and the customers love us!

Fun Date Idea provides Date Night Activities, Premium Nightlife Experiences, Things to do, Event Planning  and Couple Activities in Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.


Our Activities includes Salsa and Bachata Dancing Lessons, Hidden and Speakeasy Bar Experiences and Tours, Vegan Food and Drink Experiences, Private Events, Corporate Team Building Activities and Much more!

Coming soon to your favorite city.

Your Hosts


Avissh has been a nightlife host and taking people out for more than 8 years. From Nightlife to Salsa to EDM Events, Avissh has brought guests into events with Diplo, Major Lazer, Marshmallow and many other known artists. 

Avissh also owns a Salsa Dance Company and founder of one of the highest rated Salsa Dance Experience in LA. 

Salsa Dance LA


Secret Fun - Things to do Salsa Bachata Dancing Lesson Hidden Speakeasy Bars Cocktails Veg


Secret Fun - Things to do Salsa Bachata Dancing Lesson Hidden Speakeasy Bars Cocktails Veg


Nabila Hossain has 10 years of Bollywood Dance 

Performance experience as a teacher, choreographer and dancer with Nazar Bollywood, Boston Bollywood and Joya Kazi Unlimited.

To Bollywood America, Ms. Hossain held the position of the Lead Dancer. She has an extensive background in American Musical Theater, Salsa and Bachata. Her energy is infectious, she has excellent communication skills and she prides herself on delivering quality dance instruction with a positive attitude.

I truly believe that we are only strangers because we haven't met yet. I am passionate about Bars and Cocktails and about connecting with everyone around the world by sharing unique secret bars. After owning 4 restaurants in Taiwan and a CAFE in DTLA, I decided to follow my passion for cooking and dancing, I started traveling to some of the best cities in the world and explored some of the coolest restaurants.

It’s time to get Wild and Infuse your soul with Best Cocktails. Be ready to get Sexy, Dance, Laugh and have lots of Fun because this unique Experience takes place in the most exciting and mysterious Speakeasy bars in LA. The venues are hidden gems and are featured in countless movies, music videos and tv shows.

Secret Fun - Things to do Salsa Bachata Dancing Lesson Hidden Speakeasy Bars Cocktails Veg


Secret Fun - Things to do Salsa Bachata Dancing Lesson Hidden Speakeasy Bars Cocktails Veg

Inna began to practice ballroom dancing from an early age. In addition to participating in competitions, She was engaged in ensemble activities, became a soloist of the ballroom dance ensemble. 

Her biggest hobby is traveling and she has been in a lot of countries. While traveling she knows how hard it is to 
find a good company and great place to visit in unfamiliar city. 

Nightlife is an important part of any holiday.  We can reboot, party and dance , express ourselves however we want!  She know how to create a cool atmosphere, a sense of celebration, to leave this event in memory for a long time.  She will show you the best secret bars, recommend the best drinks, show how to dance, take care of your safety and guarantee you a wonderful experience!  This is an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and live this evening to the fullest.


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